TACTICAL Fundamentals Seminar | 29-30 April 2021
TACTICAL Fundamentals Seminar | 29-30 April 2021

TACTICAL Fundamentals Seminar | 29-30 April 2021

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The Tactical Fundamentals Seminar is the point of departure; where the old fitness paradigm ends and full immersion in ‘The Mind is Primary’ training philosophy begins.

This two-day seminar focuses on our training philosophy with an emphasis on exceeding and discarding self-imposed limitations and barriers. The program includes in-depth instruction on training mental fortitude, and  provides the foundation of our General Physical Preparedness (GPP) programming methodology. We will utilize cutting edge training methodology with an integration of state-of-the-art laser based firearms simulators and target systems. The seminar includes workouts that focus on fitness based firearms tactics, teamwork, overcoming self-doubt and breaking self-imposed  barriers.


The Tactical Fundamentals Seminar is open to current law enforcement, military personnel, or civilians who can pass a basic background check. Completion of this seminar qualifies you as a Gym Jones Level 1 coach and is the first step on the pathway to becoming a Gym Jones Fully Certified Instructor. Anyone interested in self-improvement, mental toughness and improved physical fitness will benefit from attending this course.

Gym Jones Tactical has partnered with Leupold Optics to bring you this seminar series. All attendees will receive a package from Leupold valued at >$300.