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Having a high level of fitness isn't just about performance and numbers. The definition of fitness should also include being resilient to injury, being balanced (i.e. lacking imbalances), and being healthy.

There are times during a training progression where a shift in focus is necessary. Rather than focusing on heavy lifting or output it may become important to focus on regaining balance, healing, and working on structural alignment. This program is meant to help achieve those goals.

This program could be done during a period of time when a person is injured (i.e. sore back, etc) and needs to work on getting healthy. It could be done during a sport season to maintain gym fitness that was built up during the offseason. It could be done as a recovery phase after a period of heavy lifting.

This program contains three days a week of 'weighted' work. A high emphasis would be placed on form and movement patterns. Each session should be done in a controlled and deliberate fashion.

There are four 'rest' days per week. They do not necessarily need to be rest days. You could also choose to do 60 minutes of cardiovascular activity. I would recommend this especially if one is not involved in a sport.

Finally you could add more work to the program. You could add strict pull-ups, push-ups, or some "breathing" work. Just don't add things randomly. If you add exercises make sure they are in line with your goals.