Power Endurance Work Capacity

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This is a 13-week program I just ran our 1830 evening group through. It is based around two similar, but different Power Endurance tests, the 2k row and the 10 min max calories on the assault bike(or other fan bike if that’s what you have). This is a group of folks that includes people with mixed goals and varied athletic and fitness backgrounds, from competitive ultrarunners to dads with desk jobs looking to lose weight. We saw 14 PR’s at the end of this cycle in both the 2k Row and 10 min test, with some people showing 40% improvement at the end of the cycle. Week One is a test week, and week 13 is a test week, so you have 11 weeks of total training. This training is designed as a 4-day a week program and rest days can be inserted as needed, though we ran Mon-Thur with some folks choosing to also show up for FYF as a ‘bonus’. However you choose to run the program, don't do days A and C back to back, these are the hard, focused interval days, while days B and D are accessory and complimentary work.

The initial test week is required, as all interval numbers will be based on these baseline numbers, the row using your 500 meter split from the 2k, and the bike using a 1 min average.