Gym Jones X Rockwell Coliseum Classic

Gym Jones X Rockwell Coliseum Classic

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Now with Rockwell Fit Technology™, the Coliseum is designed to take gladiator-level use and abuse while tracking steps and calories burned.

The Coliseum is a durable multifunction digital timepiece featuring:

  • dual time zone
  • chronograph (with 50-lap memory),
  • countdown timer,
  • 8 alarms, and
  • live step-counter / activity tracker

The Coliseum boasts unmatched styling and comfort, complimented by our unique, stadium-style double bezel to help protect the lens from dings and scratches. The Coliseum also offers a CradleFit™ bracelet with a proprietary Prismatic Cell dorsal texture for ultimate comfort and performance.

The Coliseum is perfect for action sports, fitness training, or going out on the town.