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This program is based on the three-month Foundation program we teach at our military seminars. The Operator Fitness program goals are to increase work capacity (tolerance), teach fundamentals, and correct imbalances. The premise is straightforward: we provide the overall framework and offer a selection of workouts corresponding to the fitness characteristics being targeted on a given day, or period. Individuals must take responsibility for choosing which workout to use or to make substitutions based on work capacity, equipment, and time availability. This structure allows for great flexibility within the program guidelines. It requires individual responsibility, and that each user learns the why and how of the training, which is something we value above all else. In the Operator fitness program, we provide an appendix of workouts and a monthly template for each of the three months. A weekly layout might look like this:

Day One: Circuit 
Day Two: Strength 
Day Three: Power-Endurance 
Day Four: Progression 
Day Five: Endurance >90 
Day Six: Rest 
Day Seven: Rest 

Therefore if the template (shown above) calls for a Strength workout on Day Two. The individual may choose from a menu of Strength workouts provided in the appendix, or construct a suitable Strength workout based on the rules taught during the seminar. We expect each individual to choose a warm-up session from a similar menu or build one according to the rules. This process is repeated until the first month's training is completed before progressing to Month Two. If outside demands or recovery limitations prevent one from completing the monthly plan according to the four-week schedule the duration may be extended. All sessions must be executed before moving ahead, even if it requires five or six weeks.

This program is based on my interpretation of the Three-Month Operator fitness program that I put together in early-2009. The program as is stands now is similar to what I designed and completed using the framework provided in the Operator fitness program (note I have adjusted some of the weights and adjusted some of the days) 

Month One of the program is a pure Foundation month so general in nature. Month Two is a Foundation month with a strength and power bias. The Month Three focus is on endurance though the intent is to continue building and refining the Foundation.

Even though we consider this three-month "program" an introduction, and a means to build a solid foundation, it is anything but basic. In our experience, few may be considered intermediate athletes, much less advanced. And even if an athlete is advanced he or she may benefit greatly by focusing on basics, and fundamentals. This program is far too difficult for some. It may not be difficult enough for others. The outcome depends largely on training history (experience) and one's true place on the food chain. 

You will need a decent work capacity and you will need to be able to train 5 days a week to get the most out of this program. The program follows a 5 "On", 2 "Off", format. For the military community, it was meant to run Mon-Fri but you could start on whatever day suits you best. 

You are responsible for your own fitness. Lacking a full-time coach or trainer, you are on your own. Having a program to use as a reference or to follow is quite helpful. With the Operator Fitness Program, we have tried to teach that - on Foundation or general level - a training plan need not be followed to the letter to be effective. If you do not have the equipment make a logical substitution. If the work is too difficult decrease the load or increase Rest/Recovery days. Remember that to truly be valuable all training must be individualized so use this as a template and learn all you can in the process. Constant self-discovery and introspection are the keys to continued improvement. Consistency before intensity.