Intermediate Seminar | 4-6 December 2020

Intermediate Seminar | 4-6 December 2020

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Knowledge is important but without the ability to apply it in a practical sense it is useless.  This two and half day seminar is focused on writing and applying programs for desired outcomes and goals.  Beginning with the knowledge base from the Fundamentals seminar, participants will dive head first into Foundations 1-3 programming, including Gym Jones named workouts and functional training.  Each day includes two hard workouts and/or testing components.  Be ready to work hard mentally and physically.


The Intermediate seminar is the second step on the path to Fully Certified Instructor, but is also highly appropriate for all gym owners, personal trainers, athletes or anyone else interested in in-depth fitness programming.

Email us your t-shirt size to upon registration and a few weeks prior to your seminar we will email you your seminar book, homework, and t-shirt so you can come ready to work.


All seminars are non-refundable.